Types of Bedding

There are many types of bedding, linens and fabrics in the market today. The variety of designs and color schemes make bedrooms more dynamic infusing different atmosphere during your sleeping regimen. Knowing the terms used for beddings make choosing bed sheets more effective and efficient in meeting your taste and style.

types of bedding

Here’s a complete list of types of bedding you need to familiarize with:


  • Top Sheet – also known as “flat sheet” is used to protect your comforter or duvet from direct contact to your skin.
  • Bottom Sheet – also known as “fitted sheet” is designed to cover the mattress with its elastic bands that fits the edges of the bed.

Cover Sheets

  • Coverlet – is a decorative sheet that does not cover the pillows and does not touch the floor.
  • Bedspread – is a type of fabric that covers the entire bed and touching the floor.
  • Blanket or Throw – is a small covering placed at the foot of the bed to add extra warmth or for decorative purposes.
  • Comforter – is used to provide warmth by trapping body heat between the covers with its thick fiber and down filling.
  • Duvet – has similar purpose of the comforter but it requires a duvet cover that normally comforters do not have.
  • Duvet Cover – has an opening to insert a comforter or duvet inside to separate the direct contact of human skin to the duvet fabric. It is designed to protect duvets from dirt and debris of skin shedding and sweat while sleeping since duvets are very heavy to wash and laborious to maintain. Sometimes it also used as additional decorative item to the whole bedding ensemble.

Types of Pillows

  • Euro or Continental Pillow
  • Sleeping Pillow
  • Decorative Pillow
  • Bolster Pillow
  • Pillowcase
  • Pillow Sham
  • Bed Skirt

 dreamfit sheets

Dreamfit Bedding Sheets

There are several different types of quality Dreamfit sheets. These range from Premium, Preferred and Elite.

  • The Elite set comes with the extra-large top sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases with extra stitching on the end. Their popular product is the Tencel that comes in three different colors and is Bacteria and Allergen resistant.
  • The Premium set is made from Rayon from Bamboo and cotton, also hypo allergenic. These quality Dreamfit bamboo sheets have the unique material combination of cotton and bamboo and will not lose the shape or appearance after you wash it.
  • The Preferred set is made from Egyptian cotton and has the silky smoothing feel and the crispiness too. They have the fit that will stay and not come off the corners or bunch up in the middle. These are guaranteed to be wrinkle resistant, no matter how many times you wash these sheets.

The greatest part about these types of bedding is that there is a guarantee so that the elastic or the string binding will not lose its shape over a long period of time. So give some time to shop for your next bed decorations to help you achieve a wonderful sleeping experience every single night.